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:new: Okay so this is the last bump I'm gonna do for voting, just in case we get another vote or two (this has been extended too long LOL). If we don't get anymore votes and still have ties, we'll just have to have ties and give out rewards accordingly :'D Thanks to everyone who has voted so far!

:new: May the voting begin~! Please look through all the wonderful entries posted at the bottom of this journal and pick two of your favorites to vote for (or one, whatever suits your fancy). Then send us a group note titled with something like "Contest Vote" with your choice(s). *It'd also be fantastic if you could tell us what you like about the entry/entries you voted for!* I'll tally up the results then announce them on Saturday.


Good luck to all our participants~!

:new: We are now closed to entries! I'll announce the start for voting later today at a more reasonable time :D Also! A big thank you to topcat-sama for donating 200 :points: towards the contest! I'll be splitting it up between all those who enter, and maybe add some to the current prizes (or maybe we could have an honorable mention? We'll see!).

- -

Let's give our favorite, mysterious Fourteenth Noah some hugs! Because everyone loves hugs right??


:pointr: The theme of this little contest should be obvious, but basically give us a fan art of Neah getting a hug or hugs! It can be you yourself giving him a hug, a character of yours, or even a character from D.Gray-Man! Just so long as it's someone (or multiple someones!) hugging Neah :heart:

:pointr: The deadline, let's try three weeks, shall we? If we need a week extension, it's worth it for the hugs. 'v'

:pointr: As for rules, obviously, keep it appropriate. I mean this is friendly hugs we're talking about, right? Fan hugs? You're my favorite character hugs? Though I'm sure some fans won't be able to resist an ass grab or two /shot. No entries should need a mature warning, in other words, but you can definitely get creative and fun with it :XD: Also, a max of two entries per person, m'kay?
:bulletgreen: Drawings, cosplay, and fanfictions are allowed!
:bulletred: But no photo-manipulations or base-made artworks it's gotta be made by you

:pointr: Prizes! Everyone loves prizes~! If you wanna donate some, be our guest <3
:star: First Place = 300:points: from ChikitaWolf
:star: Second Place = 200:points: from ChikitaWolf
:star: Third Place = 100:points: from ChikitaWolf

:heart: Let's give Neah all the hugs~! :la:
Good luck to those who participate!

~ Entries so far! ~
Contest Entry:  Neah's Hug, Mia by AmyNChan Hug Neah Contest by LeannAllen Neah x big sis! reader - Music Box:this is for the 'Hug Neah contest':
(y/n) = your name
*boc = because of reasons
//Shoo Shoo bitches get out of the way the fanfic train is coming and it's going to crash!!
//okay... this is my first fanfiction or something and i wrote this at 2AM. i know i'm not the right person to write fanfics, trust me. u__u  s0 just please tell me what y0u think ab0ut this, eh? THE EARL HAS A PERMISSION TO KILL ME AFTER THIS.
link to the song and at the same time, have some homestuck :‎
_Normal pov_
After 35 years there he was, standing in front of a tombstone. A tombstone that belonged to his sister,  (y/n).
Kneeling down and picking up a music box next to it. He opened the music box only to hear the melody that (y/n) would always sing to him.
-----flashback brought you by creepy Aradia-----
_Neah's pov_
"(y/n), wake up" I wh

Good Night by neko1cat Contest: Zerah Loves Neah by Seraphim1004 Melcan and Neah-Where Have You Been All This Time? by NicaXiaoyu
Hug by SlurEXE Three To One Piano by Bloom450 DGM I will protect by Delila2110
Neah Needs A Hug Contest Entry by B3GIN [DGM] Animated - Abandoned Hearts by ShadowExiladia Neah Needs a Hug//shotHer breath came out in short, agitated bursts as Lenalee looked upon the scene before her. Littering the ground were scores upon scores of music sheets, each one bearing the telltale signs of incessant, almost manic revisions.  The air tasted stale and unwelcoming in her mouth. The white walls of the room burned in her eyes.
Moments before she had been tearing through a dark forest after an ephemeral figure ahead of her—one she knew well. Its glowing white light had been the first thing to catch her attention in the ominous wilderness.  Its shock of matching white hair had been the second. Without a thought she had bolted for it, the world suddenly stilling as if someone had frozen everything aside from herself and the beacon before her. It was stopped, its back to her, in a clearing just ahead of her. With several quick sprints she entered the open area as well, her heart feeling as though it were lodged in her throat. She slowed considerably as she broke through the l

Hug Neah by ToaTepsak
More Journal Entries


And this is the art of the nice people who don't even know their nice art has ended up here~ :heart:


Because Neah just wants to be friends with everybody right? ^^

Weekly Stats

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1 accepted
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How to keep Neah happy

Rules or something~ :iconblackheartplz:

1) Be nice to Neah and he will be nice to you.

2) Be nice to others or Neah will come and kill you gently.

3) Submit only your own artwork, and if you edit others art give them the credit.

4) Put warnings to any more or less mature stuff and let’s try to avoid the TOO mature stuff altogether, it’s easier for the young people. (Okay, let's say this more clearly then, you can draw/write the characters kissing and some little stuff like that but not actually doing it...)

5) This is a Neah-fanclub but Allen is very welcome too (because Neah thinks he’s cute) and other D.Gray-Man fanart is okay too... if Neah says it’s okay.

6) Use your common sense. Just because it’s not in the rules doesn’t mean it’s okay. Let's try not to make Neah angry okay?

7) Have fun or Neah will come and tickle you until you are having fun.

8) Try not to let it bother you if the group founder is more or less crazy herself too. (And so is Neah...)

9) Everybody please keep their pants on~! (Yes, this also means LET everybody keep their pants on dear fangirls~ ^^')

10) Any good ideas? Just tell me. *Nice smile* I won't bite.
And Neah says he won't either~ :heart:

11) To my dear lovely Noah family: No random violence please~ (Just because Rana-chan says it's really much trouble to clean up the mess if things get too medieval.)

12) And all hail the awesome Unbreakable-Soul darling who let us use her awesome artwork for our group logo~
*Noah-Glomp-hugs Unbreakable-Soul* :heart:

13) About OCs... we don't have an own folder for them but I'm still taking also OC-fanart. But PLEASE don't submit tons of art about your OC, even if she's Neah-related, just one or two would be nice, okay? (At the same time that it. ^^')

14) All members of Neah-Needs-A-Hug will get a free Gate-transport to the Neah's really cool White Ark when the Doomsday finally comes! (Reserve the best rooms now, but don't worry, there's a lot of space.)

~With love, Rana-chan and Neah


Neah Walker, the 14th, Noah of Destruction etc.

Neah is the boss here. Little Rana-chan might be the Founder but I'll decide what to do with my own fan-group~ :heart:





What's up in the D.Gray World

Important news, read this! ->…

Somehow I'm not so surprised, I was afraid something like this might happen...
I really hope she gets better, if not for the manga, but for her own better life.

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